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Digital Marketing is a field with many sub-branches. SEO is one of these sub-branches. SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Turkish meaning Search Engine Optimization. It represents all the optimization studies for the search engines we use to quickly find the information we are looking for in our daily lives, both on our desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

SEO expertise, which is also a profession without a school, is a competency that can be learned by researching domestic and foreign resources and by practising a lot. For this reason, it is a profession that anyone who is passionate about this profession, regardless of their educational background, can easily…

Metaverse Projects

As the Metaverse trend picks up, we see more and more emerging projects entering the scene.

While there are a lot of great teams exploring the new sector, in this article we will focus on the 5 hottest Metaverse projects that have the highest trading volume right now. The list below is ordered based on the 24-hour trading volume, lowest to highest.

#5 WEMIX (WEMIX) — $323 million

WEMIX is a blockchain-based…

SEO content audit

A content audit is a comprehensive inventory of your entire website. It identifies all web content on a domain and defines the current status quo.

In many cases, this results in content gaps that can be addressed in another blog article in the future. However, also pay attention to whether you have covered certain topics more than once.

Especially with older websites with several thousand subpages, it is difficult to keep track and analyse the…

Seo ajansı seçerken dikkat edilmesi gerekenler

SEO ajansı yada arama motoru optimizasyonu ajansı seçerken neleri sorgulamalısınız. Her SEO ajansı sizin için uygun mu?

SEO ajansı arama terimi son zamanlarda internet üzerinde aranan en popüler arama sorgularının başında geliyor. Bu makaleyi de SEO ajansı araması yapan ve bu sayfada ulaşan okurlara daha fazla bilgi vermek, bir ajans ne işe yapar bunu anlatmak ve neden bir SEO ajansı ile çalışmak gerekir bunu açıklamaya çalışacağım.

If you’re not getting the return you want from your Google Ads campaigns, it might be down to one of these common mistakes.

  • Poor choice of keywords — are the keywords you’re bidding upon “buying keywords”? Or is it possible that you’re wasting your budget on keywords that are unlikely to convert into buyers?
  • Low-Quality Score — have you checked your quality score? This is a metric between 1 and 10 that Google…

Copywriting and storytelling are writing techniques used in strategies content marketing

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Zapping generation, notifications, infobesity… The intensive use of digital tools has a negative impact on our attention which continues to decline. A study affirms that our attentional capacities would be 8–9 seconds!

If we add to this, the fact that we have become suspicious of the speeches of brands


Instagram influencers today can make a lot of money.

Get more likes on Instagram in 2021

However, if they’ve spent time on the platform posting without a strategy, they’ll struggle to get that Instagram likes. Taking photos and posting them with titles is no longer enough. Getting more likes on Instagram is all about having an Instagram strategy in place. Are you posting a lot of…

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Sağlık krizinin başlangıcından bu yana giderek daha fazla işlem çevrimiçi hale geldikçe, doğru dijital deneyimi sunmak için teknolojiye artan bir ihtiyaç var. Özellikle, kuruluşun oluşturduğu ve kullandığı sayısız içerik, müşteriler veya çalışanlar olsun, kullanıcılar için kaliteli bir dijital deneyime dönüştürülmelidir. …

Site Dışı veya Sayfa Dışı Optimizasyon
Site Dışı veya Sayfa Dışı Optimizasyon
Site Dışı veya Sayfa Dışı Optimizasyon

Sayfa dışı optimizasyon, bir web sitesi için en önemli ve en çok gözden kaçan SEO tekniklerinden biridir. Göz korkutucu ve bunaltıcı görünebilir, ancak adım adım bir arıza yaşadığınızda, neden daha önce başlamadığınızı merak edeceksiniz. Bu makale, süreç boyunca size rehberlik edecek ve nasıl başlayacağınız konusunda size netlik kazandıracaktır.

Bora Kurum

Author of digital marketing book for SMBs • Newbie entrepreneur • Marketing manager • Netaholic • SEO expert

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